Free API Key Instructions

Please be aware that the Free API key is subject to downtimes and maintenance and is recommended for testing purposes only. In addition, running this free service is starting to incur significant costs. If you want to give support, please considering subscribing and buying one of the paid plans which is more stable for production and critical use such as e-commerce and live sites. The servers are separate from the free ones so that it's not affected by the free server downtimes.

For the free API key, please send an email to the author: Manny Vergel through his email: [email protected] with the subject: "Request for Free Currency Converter API Key".

Please also indicate your name, country, and the purpose why you need the free API Key.

Thank you.

Please note that the services here are provided as is and without warranty (See Terms of Service). You only pay for the cost of the server. But I will try to help to the best of my ability if you need any support.

By Ipsumer IT Services