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Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prepaid Plan

A prepaid plan is not tied to a subscription. You may buy requests on-demand and consume them. The requests for the prepaid plan have no expiration date. This is ideal if you don't require a lot of requests, but still need the reliability of the paid servers, because the free servers have intermittent downtimes.

For prepaid plans, you may request up to 4 currency pairs per request. If you need more, please consider the premium plan.

Here are the available top-ups for the prepaid plan.

60 requests for $6

120 requests for $9

240 requests for $15

480 requests for $27

1,000 requests for $51

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Premium Plan

A premium plan is ideal for users with moderate amount of requests. You can configure how many requests per hour and currency pair you need, and the price will depend on that combination. This is a subscription plan available on a monthly or yearly basis. If you avail a yearly plan, one month is free.

Here is a price calculator for the premium plan:

Select how many requests per hour you need:

Select how many currency pairs do you need:

E.g. ?q=USD_PHP,USD_EUR,USD_GBP,USD_AUD has four currency pairs

Price for the Premium Plan:

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Dedicated Plan

Dedicated server plan is priced at $80 / server / month. You will start with one server. Performance will be monitored and you will be notified if you need additional servers. A dedicated server is ideal for people who need more than what the premium plan offers.

The currency values are updated every 15 minutes. A dedicated server has unlimited number of requests as long as your server can handle. It has the maximum number of currency pairs allowed, and has the option for almost real-time values.

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Additional Remarks

Please note that the services here are provided as is and without warranty (See Terms of Service). You only pay for the cost of the server. But I will try to help to the best of my ability if you need any support.

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